Cancel batch of scheduled SMS

  • Sending a DELETE request on this this endpoint allows to cancel a batch of scheduled messages that has not been sent yet.
  • This method should be used to cancel a batch of scheduled messages sent by previously submitting a POST request to either the "many" or "many compact" endpoint.
  • To cancel a batch of scheduled messages, use its batchId to target it.


  • In the original POST request used to schedule the batch of messages, you used a specific subaccountid and the API responded with a batchID.
  • You need to use both as path parameters in order to send your DELETE request successfully as shown below:{subAccountId}/messages/batch/{batchId}

You must replace {subAccountId} and {batchId} in the URL above with the subaccountid you used to schedule the messages in the first place and the batchId you got in response.


Downloading SMS APIs (OAS File)

You can download the OAS File - Click Here
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Please do take note that the file provides all the SMS APIs so please look through the .OAS file and select the specific SMS API(s) required.

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