Jaas has capabilities for joining meetings using PSTN/Telephony (telephone dialing) audio. If you want to achieve this you will need to find the meeting PIN number.

You can get the meeting id using following API. Please replace "{Meeting-Name}" with the meeting you want to use. “{App-Id}” should be replaced with your Jaas app id.

Api response:

  "message": "Successfully retrieved conference mapping",
  "id": "1111111111111",
  "conference": "{Meeting-Name}@conference.{App-Id}.8x8.vc",
  "url": "https://8x8.vc/{App-Id}/{Meeting-Name}",
  "fqn": "{App-Id}/{Meeting-Name}",
  "name": "{Meeting-Name}",
  "tenant": "{App-Id}",
  "hasPasscode": false

The id from the response is the meeting pin code. You can do this upfront so you can properly edit your invites. Make sure you properly encode the url

The list of DID can be fetched using this API: https://api-vo.jitsi.net/vmms-conference-mapper/access/v1/dids We recommend using the API for fetching the DID for each invite, because we sometimes add new numbers in new countries.

The response will be a list of DIDs. API response:

    "countryCode": "US",
    "tollFree": false,
    "formattedNumber": "+1 456-221-4739"