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How do you invite Guests without a JWT?

We have integrated the JaaS with the iFrame api successfully. However, when we use the invite prompt to send to our guests, there is no token include nor do I see a way to inject one, so they are not able to join the meetings. How is this handled for non-authenticated users?

Can we change the 8x8 app name?

Hello, We successfully integrated the jaas service in our services but we saw that the app name "8x8" is hardcoded. We tried changing this using `interface_config.js` but it does not work. This is an issue when users are asked to give permission to their camera and microphone, it says `8X8 needs to use your microphone and camera` We should be able to change this so it matches the rest of the branding. Thanks, Andrei

PTZ Camera

Are pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras supported. Specifically, can I control a PTZ camera that is on the other end of a two-way conversation? I know that Zoom offers this feature but I did not want to assume that 8x8 does as well. Thanks.

Details of pricing - 25 MAU plan

Hi, i have some confusing about the meetings pricing. Can you give me more details over the pricing for a meeting. For example: imagine this scenario using the 25 MAU plan: A meeting by 5 hours for 125 people at time.

Capacity of participants per meeting

What is the maximum capacity of participants per meeting? Is it possible to have 1000 participants?

Webhook for new messages?

Are there any plans to implement a web hook when a message is posted by a user instead of chapi polling for a message?

What does ts mean in the context of fetching messages?

I am trying to fetch messages from the Beer Yoga chat room which is public. Setting the ts value does not produce the intended response. What does ts stand for and how does it affect the response?

Issues sending and retrieving messages

Having some trouble with sending and retrieving messages. First example I try to send a message to a room previously created called "API Test Room". Here's what I see: curl --request POST \ --url https://api.8x8.com/chat/api/chat/v1/messages/ \ --header 'accept: */*' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --header 'x-api-key: my-API-key-was-here' \ --data '{"messageRaw":"test 123","room":"API Test Room"}' Error received: "timestamp":"2020-08-06T05:35:39.689+0000" "status":404 "error":"Not Found" "message":"Room name not available" "path":"/api/chat/v1/messages/"' Second example with getting messages from a room: curl --request GET \ --url 'https://api.8x8.com/chat/api/chat/v1/messages?pageSize=30&room=API%20Test%20Room&ts=0' \ --header 'accept: */*' \ --header 'x-api-key: my-API-key-was-here' "timestamp":"2020-08-06T05:36:15.400+0000" "status":404 "error":"Not Found" "message":"Room name not available" "path":"/api/chat/v1/messages" Am I missing something here? Thanks for the help.

Will there be more APIs released?

Will there be additional APIs in the future? If so, when?