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Any examples of JWT integration in asp.net Web Forms?

Looking for some examples of how to generate JWT in an asp.net web forms app. Thanks in advance.


Hi,I'm interested using something besides a web browser. Would it be possible to use OBS's web rtc fork for broadcasting? https://github.com/CoSMoSoftware/OBS-studio-webrtc

iFrame configOverwrite not working

Ok, after some researching on how to localize the interface I came across a post suggesting to use configOverwrite to override defaults in config.js. So in the test iFrame I added: const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI("8x8.vc", { configOverwrite: { defaultLanguage: 'ptBR' }, ... but no effect. Also tried with interfaceConfigOverwrite: { defaultLanguage: 'ptBR'}, also no effect.

How to disable invite link

Typically our users will connect to the meeting by clicking on a link. We do not want them to be able to share links. How can we disable the invite functionality?

Jaas video recording

Hi, I would like to know more about recording features for jaas. What alternative do 8x8 provides to dropbox? I have seen "Cloud recording" option in the "Start recording" dialog. It seem to work: I can start the recording, stop it, but I don't know how to access/download it. Help would be appreaciated. Thank you

How to set a Private Key for my Public Key?

I was able to generate a PEM following the steps in the docs, but I have no clue how to associate this to a Private key. Wasn't able to fnd anythng in the docs about creating the Private key.

How to Localize the interface?

How can I set the culture/locale to pt-BR?

Sorry for the duplicated questions

I was getting a 500 internal error when posting my previous question, so I tried submitting again for a few times, not knowing that in spite of the error msg, the post was getting saved. Would be handy to have a way to edit/delete one's posts.