After you have created:

you can begin testing the Chat API flow through the creation of a conversation.

Create a conversation

Complete the following steps to create a conversation:

  1. Obtain your API key

  2. Call create a new conversation using the channel you created.

  3. Obtain the conversationId value from the generated response

The created conversation triggers a new interaction linked to the conversation. The interaction is enqueued to the specified chat queue.

An available agent is offered the interaction. Once an agent has accepted the interaction, it joins the conversation thread and the agent sees all the messages added to the conversation.

8x8 sends an AGENT_JOINED event on the webhook associated with the channel.

Any message added by the agent in the conversation triggers a new TEXT notification.

Any new message added to the conversation using send a message API is displayed to the agent.

If the agent ends the interaction, you receive an AGENT_LEFT event notification.

You need to prompt the conversation ending from your bot or integration by calling the customers leaves conversation API. This frees the agent to take on other assignments.

You receive an AGENT_LEFT event.

Using the Conversations APIs you can see the conversation information and the created messages as well as information about how an agent handled a conversation and the specific interactions.

If the conversation ended before achieving the desired outcome, and you would like to continue the conversation without creating a new one, you can do so just by adding a new message after the AGENT_LEFT event. This will create a new interaction associated with the conversation which is enqueued in the queue from your last interaction so the right team can handle the case. The new(or the same) agent who accepts the interaction sees all the previous messages in the conversation thread and continues from there.

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