How to get API Keys

How to get API access for Analytics and Content APIs. Currently the process for acquiring keys and authenticating is API specific.

There are a number of different Authentication Methods across the suite of XCaaS APIs today.

This document will outline how to get API keys for each API and also what the basic Authentication method is once you have your keys.

Where to Get API Keys

API DescriptionKey Creation Process
Contact Center Historical AnalyticsAdmin Console
Contact Center Realtime AnalyticsAdmin Console
Cloud Storage ServiceAdmin Console
Customer Experience Recent CallsAdmin Console and email for key
Customer Experience Post Call SurveyAdmin Console and email for key
Quality Management & Speech AnalyticsAdmin Console
Work AnalyticsAdmin Console
Audit RecordsAdmin console
Contact SearchAdmin console
Contact ManagementAdmin console

Admin Console API key generation


The "Application Credentials" permission is required to create/manage API Keys in Admin Console

This permission is enabled for users of the default Company Admin Role or a custom role can be created for specific users using the application: 8x8 Admin Console and the permission: "Application Credentials".

To create a "Call Recording & Storage" API Keys, the user must first have the 'Cloud Storage API' assignment. This assignment must be granted by the Super Admin.

Admin Console provides an ability to create API keys as follows:
If you do not have the API Keys option you do not have the correct permission/role.

The list of available API keys and an option to create new keys will be presented:

An App is a set of credentials that have access to a specific set of APIs. You can choose to create as many apps as you wish and each app can have access to as many or few APIs as appropriate.

To create an App:

  • Give it a name that is meaningful to you, No spaces allowed.
  • Assign the APIs that are appropriate for the use case (you can modify this later if/as needed)
    In this example a single App will have access to Analytics for Contact Center, Customer Experience Recent Calls and Customer Experience Post Call Survey APIs.


Modifying an existing App

If an existing App is modified adding or removing an API there can be a brief delay in the changes being globally consistent if the App key/secret are under active use. Changes will replicate and become consistent within a few minutes.

Clicking the eyeball icon will display the Key and Secret onscreen.

Clicking elsewhere on the row will bring a view of the App showing which APIs are enabled and allowing the secret/key to be revealed/copied individually

Clicking the eyeball icon beside the Key and or Secret will reveal the Key/Secret and allow them to be copied.
APIs can be added or removed from the App on this screen
The App can be deleted from this screen.