SMS Success Feedback

About SMS Feedback

Most of the time, programmatic SMS are meant to trigger a specific outcome (ex: authenticate a user via OTP).
When the outcome does not happen it can have any number of user-related cause but what we seek to avoid is for SMS deliverability or latency to be the reason for failure.
To avoid this, use this endpoint to transmit the outcome to 8x8 and let 8x8 monitor your SMS performance for you.
It benefits you by allowing 8x8 to:

  • Monitor your application QoS for any SMS-related failure happening in your workflows
  • Act faster to restore the quality of service you experiment
  • Prevent any further issue
  • Provide more advanced analytics by displaying SMS outcome performance and latency metrics

About the API endpoint / method

  • Sending a POST request on this endpoint allows to convey the outcome of an SMS to 8x8.
  • Sharing that feedback with 8x8 is straightforward, your POST request only has to contain:
    1. The 8x8 UMID - Unique Message ID (included in the API response when sending the SMS)
    2. A status for the outcome
    3. For more accuracy and to get latency information: the timestamp of the event triggered by the SMS


Complete endpoint URL:{subAccountId}/messages/{umid}/feedback

You must replace {subAccountId} in the URL above with the subaccountid that you used originally to send the SMS.

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