Send SMS Engage survey

About SMS Engage

  • SMS Engage combines the reach of SMS and the power of interactive web surveys
  • Using the API endpoint lets you send SMS containing special links to surveys for any use case:
    • Satisfaction feedback (NPS, CSAT, CES..)
    • Interactive marketing landing page
    • E-commerce confirmations (Order, Delivery, Payment)
    • and much more: reach out to learn more!
  • SMS Engage surveys are linked to your 8x8 account: each individual survey response can be tracked back to the original SMS or SMS campaigns: get individual response logs and aggregated analytics in your 8x8 Customer Portal
  • You can also retrieve the SMS Engage response programmatically using the dedicated webhook

About the API endpoint / method

  • Sending a POST request on this endpoint allows to send SMS Engage individually (1 message per request).
  • It is ideal when you want to integrate surveys as part of your customer experience and trigger an SMS Engage following an event occurring in your application (eg: NPS survey sent after customer support interaction)


The 8x8 SMS subaccountid to use is defined in the URL where you send your POST request as shown below:{subAccountId}/surveys/{surveyId}/messages

You must replace {subAccountId} in the URL above with the subaccountid that you want to use.

Before you start

  • You must have your account activated to use SMS Engage and at least one SMS Engage form created for you by 8x8. SMS Engage forms are created based on your use-cases. Once they are created, 8x8 will provide you a surveyid and url.
  • Please note that the variable url is your default SMS Engage link which 8x8 has set up for you (e.g. The url is shortened once the message has been sent.
  • The shortened url is always 21 characters in length.
  • If you want to get the data via Webhooks, simply provide us a specific url where we will post the data.
  • For more information please contact your account manager or contact the product team.
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