SMS Engage response webhook

POST requests are sent by the 8x8 platform in JSON format to the webhook URL configured for your account.


You can configure a default webhook URL for your account by contacting 8x8 support team.

Webhook Validity Period

If we do not receive a response for the SMS engage survey promptly, our platform will continue checking for up to 48 hours. If the response is recorded after 48 hours, there will be no SMS engage response webhook sent.

Webhook format

Request body description

Property nameProperty typeDescription
umiduuidUnique identifier generated by 8x8 for the message
surveyIdstringunique name or identifier created by 8x8 for the SMS Engage
surveyStartedAtstringThe date and time when the SMS Engage has been created in ISO 8601 format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.ffZ
surveySubmittedAtstringThe date and time when the client has completed and submitted the SMS Engage.
ISO 8601 format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.ffZ
templateVariablesarray of objectsNames and values of the variables used to send the SMS Engage
answersarray of objectsAnswers or responses submitted by the client based on the corresponding questions.

Template variable object

Property nameProperty typeDescription
namestringTemplate variable name
valuestringTemplate variable value

Answer object

Property nameProperty typeDescription
questionIdstringQuestion identifier
answerIdstringAnswer identifier
questionstringQuestion text
answerstringAnswer text

Sample of SMS Engage webhook

  "umid": "84e7ee9a-5c41-e811-814c-020897df5459",
  "surveyId": "test-surveyid",
  "surveyStartedAt": "2018-04-16T09:59:48Z",
  "surveySubmittedAt": "2018-04-16T10:00:14Z",
  "templateVariables": [
      "name": "firstname",
      "value": "John"
      "name": "order_nr",
      "value": "1010101"
  "answers": [
      "questionId": "3",
      "answerId": "10003",
      "question": "Dear [url('FirstName')],<br />\nOrder [url('order_nr')] was found as a duplication, please confirm below or your order will be cancelled",
      "answer": "Cancel Now"
      "questionId": "16",
      "answerId": null,
      "question": "Full Name",
      "answer": "John"
      "questionId": "4",
      "answerId": "10005",
      "question": "Do you confirm your response?",
      "answer": "Yes"


The number of questions and their types will depend on the survey you have in place for your SMS Engage campaign.