📘Optional Parameters are fields, which may be optionally included in an SMPP message. (SMPP v3.4 Spec, section 5.3). These fields contain 3 parts, namely Tag, Length and Value.

Some TLVs are defined by the SMPP protocol and then there is room for vendors to create their own TLVs. Below are the vendor specific TLVs defined by 8x8. These TLVs are supported only when using SMPP to make requests to 8x8

Mo Message Id

A unique 36 alphanumeric character string (UUID v4) to identify the MO message at the SMSC. This message ID can be used when contacting 8x8 support regarding the message.

FieldSized OctetsTypeDescription
Tag2IntegerEqual to 0x1502 (5378 Decimal)
Length2IntegerEqual to 0x0024 (36 Decimal)
This means the size of the value is 36 bytes
Value36Octet StringOctet string of 36 characters. This is a UUID v4 value which represents the 8x8 unique message Id (UMID)
Note that this is NOT null-terminated

Destination Mcc and Destination Mnc

Mobile Country Code (mcc) and the Mobile Network Code (mnc) values of the destination phone number corresponding to a particular DLR (in Delivered state).

FieldSized OctetsTypeDescription
Tag2IntegerEqual to 0x1503 (5379 Decimal)
Length2IntegerEqual to 0x0002 (2 Decimal)
Value3Octet Stringmcc value as string. 3 characters
FieldSized OctetsTypeDescription
Tag2IntegerEqual to 0x1504 (5380 Decimal)
Length2IntegerEqual to 0x0002 (2 Decimal)
Value1-3Octet Stringmnc value as string. 1 - 3 characters