Cancel batch of scheduled SMS

  • Sending a DELETE request on this this endpoint allows to cancel a batch of scheduled messages that has not been sent yet.
  • This method should be used to cancel a batch of scheduled messages sent by previously submitting a POST request to either the "many" or "many compact" endpoint.
  • To cancel a batch of scheduled messages, use its batchId to target it.


  • In the original POST request used to schedule the batch of messages, you used a specific subaccountid and the API responded with a batchID.
  • You need to use both as path parameters in order to send your DELETE request successfully as shown below:{subAccountId}/messages/batch/{batchId}

You must replace {subAccountId} and {batchId} in the URL above with the subaccountid you used to schedule the messages in the first place and the batchId you got in response.

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