Virtual Number Updated

Notifies customers that a change in either Virtual Number or Virtual Number Health has occurred

A webhook will be sent to your endpoint each time Virtual Numbers are updated in the Virtual Number pool associated with your subaccount.

The JSON object will contain the following values:

namespaceString8x8 product channel definition
eventTypeStringWebhook event type. The default value for the "Virtual Number Updated" event is VIRTUAL_NUMBER_UPDATE
descriptionStringDescription of the event. The default value for the "Virtual Number Updated" event is "Status of account virtual number(s) updated"
payloadObjectIt contains information about the updated Virtual Numbers.
subAccountIdStringUnique id for your subaccount
totalNumbersIntegerNumber of Virtual Number(s) assigned to your subaccount
updateEventTypeStringType of "Virtual Number Updated" event. The possible values are: "SNAPSHOT" or "UPDATES"
virtualNumbersObjectIt contains detailed information about Virtual Numbers assigned to your subaccount.
msisdnStringVirtual Number in E.164 format
updatedTimestampTimestampTimestamp of the last update of the given Virtual Number
countryCodeStringCountry code of the Virtual Number
operationalStatusStringCurrent status of the Virtual Number. Possible values are:
- Active - Virtual Number is active and ready to be used for new sessions
- Unhealthy - Virtual Number with degraded calling services. Unhealthy Numbers should not be used for new sessions. You may still receive calls from previous allocations.
- Expiring - Virtual Number that will soon be excluded from the Virtual Number pool. Should not be used for new sessions. You may still receive calls from previous allocations.
- Inactive - Inactive Virtual Number. Should not be used for new sessions.
referenceIdStringUnique identifier for the number range the Virtual number belongs to
rentalPriceNumberRecurring monthly fee for the Virtual Number
incomingRateNumberMinute based inbound fee for calls made to the Virtual Number
billingUnitIntegerBilling increment for inbound call duration. Applied to all inbound calls to the Virtual Number
billingCurrencyStringCurrency for all prices applied to the subaccount.
numberHealthCheckEnabledBooleanBoolean check if Number Health services are enabled for this Virtual Number
updateStatusStringUpdate status for the given Virtual Number. Values indicate if the Virtual Number status has been changed in this event. Possible values are "NO_CHANGE" and "UPDATED"

Example of a JSON object sent to your webhook:

  "namespace": "VOICE",
  "description": "Status of account virtual number(s) updated",
  "payload": {
    "subAccountId": "MySubAccount",
    "totalNumbers": 2,
    "updateEventType": "UPDATES",
    "virtualNumbers": [
        "msisdn": "+65123456789",
        "updatedTimestamp": "2023-02-17T05:10:14.760Z",
        "countryCode": "SG",
        "operationalStatus": "Active",
        "referenceId": "MyVirtualNumber-1",
        "rentalPrice": 5.0,
        "incomingRate": 0.05,
        "billingUnit": 1,
        "billingCurrency": "USD",
        "numberHealthCheckEnabled": false,
        "updateStatus": "UPDATED"
        "msisdn": "+65987654321",
        "updatedTimestamp": "2023-04-11T09:34:18.780Z",
        "countryCode": "SG",
        "operationalStatus": "Active",
        "referenceId": "MyVirtualNumber-2",
        "rentalPrice": 5.0,
        "incomingRate": 0.05,
        "billingUnit": 60,
        "billingCurrency": "USD",
        "numberHealthCheckEnabled": true,
        "updateStatus": "UPDATED"