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A branch is a specific type of step, allowing you to split your workflow definition, based on a condition.
Here is an example of branch:

    "id": "step_1",
    "stepType": "Branch",
    "selectNextStep": {
        "branch1": "{{isCountryCode(data.payload.user.msisdn, 'SG')}}",
        "branch2": "{{isCountryCode(data.payload.user.msisdn, 'US')}}",
        "branch3": null

As you can see, the stepType is Branch.

In this case, you need to define the next steps and the condition.
This can be done using selectNextStep and by listing the branches.
You can use any branch name (here we used the names branch1, branch2 and branch3).

The branch names defined here will be used as the step id for the following steps.
In the example above the next step will start with "id": "branch1",

Inside each branch, you need to define a condition, for more detail, see the Scripting section below.

In the example above, we are creating the following logic:

  • branch1 will be selected if the source number has a Singapore country code
  • branch2 will be selected if the source number has a US country code
  • branch3 will be selected otherwise
idUnique id of the step.string
stepTypeStep type.string
inputsWait step supports the following input parameters.

  • minutes: Number of minutes to wait before executing the next step.

selectNextStepStep ids of the branches and the conditions.string