Getting started with Verification API

The Mobile Phone Verification API is a versatile tool for various authentication needs, such as verifying mobile identities during sign-up or enabling 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) for more secure account access.

The most common use cases are:

  • Phone number verification - usually, during the user registration process, the service will ask customers to insert their phone number. To verify the provided number, a PIN is generated and sent to that phone number. By entering the PIN back into the application, the user can verify the ownership of the phone number.
  • User Identity Confirmation - During the login process, after successfully entering the username and password, the application sends out a PIN to the customer’s phone number.
  • Fraud Prevention - Track malicious login attempts on your applications.

This API offers 3 different ways of PIN delivery, that can be set up in the parameter of the Verify API:

  1. SMS - PIN is sent in a text message to the end user’s phone
  2. WhatsApp - PIN is sent via WhatsApp to the end user
  3. Voice - PIN is delivered in a phone call to the end user’s phone

The general workflow is shown in the following sequence diagram:

Server Regions

To ensure the use of the correct data center region, it is necessary to modify the base URL to correspond with the provisioned region of your account. Refer to the table below for the appropriate base URL associated with each data center region.

For more information on data center regions, please visit the following page.

List of server URLs:

API RegionBase URL
Asia (default)