Get phone number lookup data

  • Sending a GET request on this endpoint allows retrieving information about a phone number

  • 3 phone number lookup types are available with this endpoint:

    1. format: identifies the phone number country and type (mobile, landline, etc..) and returns the number in E.164 format.
    2. operator: retrieves information about the current mobile operator associated to the number. The information comes from 8x8 mobile number portability data. The object returned also includes the "Format" information described in (1).
    3. live: performs a live lookup to retrieve the current roaming and presence status of a number. The objet returned also includes the "Format" and "Operator" information from (1) and (2).
  • format lookup requests are free of charge, but operator and live lookup requests are paid.

  • operator and live lookups are only available upon request. To get access to these lookup types, contact your account manager.


You must replace {subAccountID} in the URL above with the subacccount for which the lookup service was provisioned.

You must replace {phoneNumber} in the URL above with the phone number you wish to perform a lookup on.

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