SMS Delivery receipts error codes

Subject to enhanced details available on from outbound route, the following error codes can be sent by 8x8 in the delivery reports

0No reason code
1Absent subscriber
2Content related error
3Data missing
4Deferred delivery
5Pending upstream
7Delivery failure
9Equipment protocol error
10ESME external error
12HLR error
13Illegal subscriber or equipment
14Internal error
15Invalid destination
16Invalid format
17Invalid message length
18Invalid parameter
19Invalid source address
20Local cancel
21Memory capacity exceeded
22Message being retried
23Network failure
24Age verification failure
25Operation aborted by receiving network or user
26Operation barred
27Permanent operator error
28Permanent phone error
29Phone related error
30Portability error
31Premium SMS error
32Roaming subscriber
33Route error
34Screening error
35Service center congestion
36SMS expired
37SMS facility not supported
38SMS malformed
39SMSC cancel
40SMSC error
41SMSC reject
42Source credit insufficiency
43Spam filter
44Subscriber billing issue
45Subscriber busy for SMS
46Subscriber not reachable
47Subscriber temporary unavailable
48System failure
49TCAP error
50Throttling error
51Time out error
52Unable to decode the response
53Unexpected data value
54Unexpected error
55Unidentified subscriber
56Unknown delivery state
57Unknown error
58Unknown service center
59Unknown subscriber
60Content filtered
61Session expired