Data Center Regions

At 8x8 CPaaS, we place a strong emphasis on minimising data latency as it has a significant impact on various aspects of data processing and communication. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible cloud-based communication services. Our infrastructure, which is hosted using leading public cloud providers, allows us to store your data across multiple geographical locations, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that suits your primary customer base.

Moreover, we recognize that data residency compliance is a vital consideration for certain industries. By offering infrastructure options in various geographical locations, we enable businesses to meet data residency requirements imposed by regulatory frameworks. This ensures that sensitive data remains within the prescribed jurisdiction, providing added peace of mind and adherence to industry-specific compliance standards.

8x8 CPaaS data center locations

  • Asia - The default and primary data center for 8x8 Connect products is located in Singapore.
  • Indonesia - 8x8 offers a data center facility in Indonesia to cater to our customers who require compliance with Indonesia's Government Regulation no. 71. This regulation, outlined in the Government Regulation No. 71 of 2019 regarding Operation of Electronic System and Transactions, defines an Electronic System Operator (ESO) as any person, government administrator, business entity, or member of society that provides, administers, and/or operates an electronic system for users. As per GR 71, ESOs are required to register, adhere to general data protection and security requirements, provide data owners with erasure and delisting rights, and comply with content prohibitions, among other obligations. By utilizing our data center in Indonesia, customers can ensure their operations align with these regulatory requirements, offering enhanced data protection and security.
  • Europe - The Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) in the UK and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe require businesses to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place when transferring personal data outside of the UK or European Economic Area to countries that do not have adequate data protection laws. We use a European-based data center as a way to mitigate the risk associated with transferring personal data on the entire EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. Additionally, using this data center may provide businesses with more control over their data and help them comply with the data protection regulations in place. We’ve included the Middle East and African regions because of more favourable data latency.

Setting your data center region

  • New Account creation. The most relevant data center to your location is automatically preselected during the new account creation process. However, we understand that your business needs may vary, so we provide you with the flexibility to modify the data center selection during that process. This empowers you to choose the location that would best align with and benefit your specific business requirements.
  • Migrate existing account (available only to Enterprise accounts). Customers that have long–term contracts, account managed (enterprise) or purchase a significant amount of credits every month(USD 10,000/month or more) can email their account managers or our support team to request a migration of account data to another geographical region.

API Endpoints and Data Center Region

To ensure optimal API performance, it is essential to select the appropriate base URL for API calls corresponding to the data center region where your account is provisioned.

The key advantages of correctly specifying the data center region include:

  • Latency/Network Advantages: Reduced latency in API calls is achieved when your server, initiating the API calls, is geographically closer to the selected data center region of your account.
  • Data Isolation: Complying with data residency requirements is facilitated by using the appropriate URL for your API calls, ensuring that data and logs associated with the API calls are stored in the designated region.

Here is a list of available regions and their corresponding base URLs. Replace {product} with the relevant product name you are using. The {product} placeholder supports several subdomains: sms, verify, smpp, lookup, contacts.

API RegionBase URL
Asia (default)https://{product}

For example, if your account is provisioned in the Indonesian region, use for your SMS API calls instead of the default which will ensure you are connecting to the Indonesian data center region directly.