Detrack is a scalable, smart, and easy to use tracking service with automatic real-time notifications when orders are delivered.

Detrack provides a rule-based email and text / SMS notification feature, that allows users to send email and text messages to customers, company staff, or any other person who needs to receive those messages based on event triggers.

With this integration, we can leverage the Detrack event triggers and 8x8 API to send SMS when an event occurs.

Integrating Detrack notifications with SMS

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Go to Text / SMS settings tab and connect to Wavecell.
  3. Enter your 8x8 API key into the field.
    Assuming you have successfully logged into 8x8 Connect, follow the steps below
    - Head to 8x8 Connect Login Page.
    - Click on LOG IN.
    - Enter your email address and password to get access to your account dashboard.
    - Head over to the side menu > API keys section
    - Create an API key if empty and then keep the API Key value, here:
  1. Then go to the Notification settings tab for a list of notifications that have been pre-set for you.
  2. You can click on any existing notification to edit it or click on the Add Notification button to add a new notification (or trigger event).

Configuring your Detrack triggers

  1. From the Add Notification form, go to the Trigger tab.
  2. Select the Detrack Job Type i.e Job (Delivery + Collection) / Delivery / Collection.
  3. Select the Events that will trigger the notification.
  4. Select the Group that you wish to filter. If no Group is selected, then notifications are sent for all jobs regardless of Group.
  5. If the Failed event is selected, you will be able to select a failed Reason to filter. If no Reason is selected, then notifications will be sent for all failed jobs regardless of Reason.
  6. If the Pre-job event is selected, you will be able to select which day and what time to send notifications.
    • For the Pre-job Sending Date option, you can select up to 5 days prior to the scheduled date to send the notification.
    • For the Pre-job Sending Time option, you can select the time of the selected day (above) to send the notification.

Customizing text / SMS notifications

  1. Go to the Text / SMS tab.
  2. For the Send Text / SMS to option, select the field containing the mobile number that you wish to notify when the event is triggered. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any text by not selecting any field.
  3. If you wish to notify other recipients such as internal staff or 3rd party contractors, enter their mobile numbers (one per line) in the Other Fixed Numbers box provided. This field is optional – you can choose not to send any text to others by leaving the field empty.
  4. Type your customized text message in the Text / SMS body field.
  5. A tracking link will be included in your text message after the text body. The link, when tapped on smartphones, will send the recipients to a direct tracking page where they can easily track the status of their deliveries. The recipients will also be able to rate the Goods / Service, the Driver, as well as provide feedback regarding the delivery to you.
  6. Click Save and send a text notification button to send a sample text notification to the test phone number or click Save to save your settings.