Creating a contact


Please see Create contact for the full API reference

To create a single contact you need to submit a JSON object to the URL

Request body should look like this:

    "firstName": "Chathuranga",
    "lastName": "Pathirana",
    "externalId": "externalSystemId",
    "country": "SG",
    "groups": [
        { "id": 72 },
        { "id": 82 }
    "addresses": {
        "msisdn": "6580000000",
        "weChatUserId": "oJQxo6XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
        "facebookUserId": "19520000000000",
        "email": "[email protected]"
    "customAttributes": {
        "company": "Google",
        "jobTitle": "CEO"

Returns 201 Created with location header if the request was successful. If the request failed, an error object will be returned.