FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding Video Interaction.

What is the data retention period for logs?75 Days by default.
What is the retention period for recordings?24 hours by default, increasable up to 96 hours on ticket request. We will retry sending the recordings to your SFTP/S3 Bucket up till that time.
What is the API Key used for Video Interaction?This is the same API Key that is on 8x8 Connect.
What are the whitelisting requirements to embed VI?Please see the Network Requirements subsection of this documentation.
What is the Video streaming quality for the Video Interaction?The default camera resolution is 720p.
Where are the Video Interaction Servers located?Currently Video Interaction is hosted in Singapore. If you have differing geolocation requirements reach out to your 8x8 account manager.
How many participants in a single video room are supported?Video Interaction is designed for one-to-one conversations so it is designed for 2 participants (customer and agent).
How big the file size of a 3 minute recording for VI?Roughly 31 MB
What is the quality of the video recording?1080p (1920x1080 resolution)
What is the format of the recording file?MP4 file format
Recommended BandwidthUpstream Bandwidth Recommended
Roughly 3mbps for video
40kbps for audio
Total is 3040kbps

Downstream Bandwidth Recommended
2.5mbps for onstage video
500kbps for one incoming stream at the lowest quality
200kbps per thumbnail stream
40kbps for audio
Total is 3240kbps
What are the supported browsers?Please see this Jitsi link for supported browsers