The dashboard page can only be accessed by agents with administrator or supervisor roles. The dashboard has three(3) sections

Real time

This section gives you live information about your Conversations and agents, the data can be updated by using the refresh icon


In queue - the current number of tickets that are waiting to get assigned to any available agents
Assigned - total number of tickets that are currently assigned to any agents
Opened - total number of tickets that currently have the status Open
Agents - total number of available agents that are currently online


Time period

This is the section where an admin or supervisor can view the stats within a selected period of date and specific agent. By default, it shows all of the agents’ stats. Users can select a specific agent to view his/her stats.


Stats includes
Created - total number of tickets created
Resolved - total number of resolved tickets
Closed - total number of closed tickets
On-hold - total number of tickets that were put on hold

If you have more tickets closed than created during a period, it means that you are clearing backlogs (closing tickets created before the period). If you have more created than closed tickets, then your backlog (tickets not closed) is growing during the period.


Conversations graph

The graph will depend on the selected date period and specific agent you’ve selected from the section above (Time period). The graph only shows Created vs Closed tickets.


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