Salesforce Live Agent

Salesforce Live Agent is a live chat software that enables you to support your prospects and customers while they are still present on your site or app in real-time by providing embedded chat support.

By integrating 8x8 Chat Apps product into Salesforce Service Cloud you get the best of both products, a simple and unique Chat Apps API with no deployment needed, as well as the more advanced customer service tool.

Some use cases

  • Receive and send Chat Apps messages from different channels (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, 2-Way SMS and more) for support live agent.

Product scope

  • Salesforce Chat

What you'll need

  • A 8x8 Connect account
  • Your Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning account

Creating your Chat Apps integration with Salesforce's Chat feature

  1. Make sure that Chat is enabled (go to Lightning Setup -> Platform Tools -> Feature Settings -> Service -> Chat (Formerly Live Agent)) and copy your API Endpoint:

  1. Set up your Service Cloud Chat (Skills, Settings, Users, Button, Deployment...) according to :
    Salesforce guide

  2. Get your ButtonId, (go to Chat -> Chat Buttons and Invitations) and copy your ButtonId:

  1. Get your DeploymentsId and OrganisationId, (go to Chat -> Deployments) and copy both IDs:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
  • ButtonId
  • DeploymentsId
  • OrganisationId
  • Chat API Endpoint

Our support team will notify you via email once your account has been set up.