Sending SMS using MCS

Multi-channel Sender


Multi-Channel Sender or Sender for short is a feature from Connect that offers you a way to send SMS, SMS Engage, WhatsApp, Viber and Voice(text-to-speech) messages. It is located on the top left navigation menu just after Overview.

Video Guide

Below is a video guide that covers how to send an SMS message which serves to accompany the content presented on this documentation page.

Sending SMS

You can personalise, schedule and send up to a million SMS in one go.

Steps on sending SMS
(For this tutorial we will highlight the method for uploading a file since it is the most popular way to send SMS)

  1. Select "SMS" as your channel and select your subaccount.
    (After you sign up, a sub-account is created and pre-selected for you. You may change this if you have different sub-accounts, which can be created by submitting a request to [email protected])
  1. Click "Add recipients and you will be redirected to Recipients page to enter your destination number(s).
    There are four(4) ways you can do this.
    a. Upload a file
    b. Type a mobile number
    c. Add contacts from your contact list
    d. Add group from your contact groups
  1. You can upload a file by clicking "Drag & drop to upload" icon or simply drag and drop your file. Use a .csv, .txt or .xlsx file to upload your contacts in our default format (you may refer to the sample file provided and we recommend that you use a .csv file format).

  2. After you uploaded your contacts, you may manually amend the column labels. The default fields you can select from are Mobile, FirstName, LastName and ClientmessageId . Alternatively, you can also add a custom field by typing the name and pressing enter. You can then select that field you just created.


Creating a custom field (From the screenshot below, the user typed and entered a new field called "Nickname")

  1. Click "Process contacts" to review your contacts. Here you'll be able to check all the fields you selected, country destinations, total valid numbers or duplicates (if any). You can choose to "include duplicates" if you wish for selected contacts to receive the same message more than once.
  1. Click "Compose a message" to start writing your message. Before you write your message make sure you key in your Sender ID. We always save your Sender ID automatically - the next time you want to use the same Sender ID, all you have to do is to search and select from the dropdown list.



Some countries do not support alphanumeric Sender IDs. Should they are supported, pre-registration is sometimes also required. Additionally, we discourage the use of single spacing as this might affect the successful delivery of your messages. Single spacing may vary for different operators in different countries. Please contact our support team, for assistance with regards to your Sender IDs.

Enter your message content in the message field. To personalise you message click one of the fields below "Insert custom field".

  1. Once you are done with your message, click "Send your message(s)". We treat every message sent as a campaign whether you are sending one(1) or millions of message. By default a campaign name is generated for you but you can also overwrite it. You also need to select when do you want to send your message, either immediately or schedule them at a later timing. By default “Send message now” is pre-selected to send your message immediately.


Scheduled messages

Take note that messages can only be cancelled only up to 3 minutes before the scheduled time. Scheduled messages will not be cancelled if the threshold is not adhered to

  1. Click “Submit” to process your message. Alternatively, you can choose to re-submit all the fields by clicking “Cancel”.

  2. After submitting, you'll be redirected to your campaign summary page.