Create a group and add a contact to that group


Please see Create a group for the full API reference

Create a group

To create a group you need to submit a JSON object to the URL

Request body should look like this:

     "isBlacklist": false,
     "name": "Group 1",
     "description": "Team that belongs to group 1"

If successful you will get a response similar to this:

  "id": 8334,
  "contacts": 0,
  "createdAt": "2022-05-13T07:03:08.54Z",
  "name": "Group 1",
  "description": "Group 1 team",
  "isBlacklist": false

Otherwise you will get a 400 or a 409 error response.

Assuming you've successfully created the group, to add contacts you need to submit a JSON object to the URL
Groupid is the id of the group you just created. For this example 8334 is the group id.
When you send a request, it should be an array of contact id like the one below:


You can use Get contact information by id to get the id of a contact or Search contacts where the list shows the id of each contact.

Returns 201 Created with location header if the request was successful. If the request failed, an error object will be returned as 404.