DTMF Callback

This document describes the callback that will be sent to a DTMF capture endpoint that you can define in the Voice Messaging "SayAndCapture" action request.

	"uid": "94144A33-7F58-11EC-B4E1-E723B1839D16",
	"status": {
		"code": "DTMF",
		"timestamp": "2022-01-01T10:05:15.076Z"
	"destination": "+65123456789",
	"clientRequestId": "974eccfc-0607-4a99-a129-f9ee718e5fc1",
	"actionDetails": {
		"dtmf": "12345"
uidStringrefers to the unique id received from the create callflow response.
codeStringindicates the event type that generated this callback. For SayAndCapture the value will always be "DTMF".
timestampDate and TimeTimestamp of the DTMF event.
destinationStringDestination phone number in E.164 international format.
clientRequestIdStringOptional client side id defined in the initial Voice Message request.
dtmfStringEnd User input captured during the call flow.