playFile enables you to send an audio recording to an end user.

A few things to note:

  • Downloads the sound/voice file give and plays it back in the currently active call. Supported file types are wavand mp3. API only accepts file that are smaller than 5MB.
  • Downloaded voice files are cached for 1 hour for faster access, if used in consequent requests. If the file content is changed within 1 hour after the first request, make sure to change the file name for the changes to be reflected in the calls afterwards.
  • repetition controls how many times the file will be played. Default is 1

Path for the new API

/POST{sub-account-id}/callflows - v1.2


PlayFile file URL

url of the audio to be played in the call

  • supported protocols - http, https
  • max file size - 5120 KB
  • supported media formats - mp3, wav

Sample of a playFilerequest

"action": "playFile",
"params": {
    "fileUrl": "",
    "repetition": 1