makeCall enables you to create an outbound voice call to a specified destination with the caller id specified as source. Once the call is answered by the receiving party, the rest of the callflow actions will be executed in sequence. If two makeCall actions are used in the same callflow, the 2nd call will be bridged to the 1st call once answered. Currently, we do not support call conferencing, so the maximum allowed makeCall actions in a callflow is 2.

Things to Note:

  • source and destination values must be valid MSISDNs in E.164 standard (+ prefix is accepted).
  • The subsequent actions in the callflow will be executed on the call(s) created by the makeCall action. Hence the makeCall action must be the first action in a callflow
  • Allowed destinations to dial depending on the customer account's coverage. If there is a need to increase coverage, please send an email to 8x8 Support
  • To create an outbound call to a destination using a source that is in the same country (local outbound), we need the source(caller id) to be a registered MSISDN under the account (Right now, the call will not be rejected even if it’s not registered). If using a source MSISDN that does not belong in the same country as destination MSISDN (international outbound), the source MSISDN does not have to be registered. Due to the complexity of the carrier regulations, the calls can be rejected if these rules are not respected

Path for the new API

/POST{sub-account-id}/callflows - v1.2

Sample of a makeCallrequest

  "action": "makeCall",
  "params": {
    "source": "+6512345678",
    "destination": "+6587654321" // mandatory