Session Status of Calls API

This method allows you to review the "Voice Session Summary" status and individual call legs.
"Voice Session Summary" (VSS) endpoint. Your "Voice Session Summary" (VSS) endpoint can be configured on the sub-account level with programmable voice Webhooks
This can be used alongside or instead of the Call Status, to simplify your monitoring.


Session ID

Please matach the session ID for the calls API with the session ID in the call summary


When receiving final call statuses Wavecell platform will POST a JSON object to your URL.

The JSON object will contain the following values:

namespaceString8x8's overall product namespace. For Voice products the value will be "VOICE"
eventTypeStringEvent type that generated this callback. For call status events the value will be "CALL_STATUS"
descriptionStringDescription of the event type that triggered the callback.
sessionIdStringUnique id that represents Number masking session [UUID]
subAccountIdStringUnique ID of account
sessionStatusString“sessionStatus” values of the two call legs. Possible values for “sessionStatus” are:
startTimeStringStart time of call
endTimeStringEnd time of call
lastActionStringShows the last executed command during the session (MakeCall, PlayTTS or PlayFile)
callCountIntegerShows how many call legs have been bridged for the given session
detailsObjectJSON object containing information about all call legs in the session
callIdStringUnique identifier of call
callDirectionStringIndicates the direction of the call leg (INBOUND or OUTBOUND)
callTypeStringType of the call leg. Values can be "PSTN" or "VOIP", depending on where the call was initiated from (telco operators or VoiceSDK users). For NumberMasking the value will always be PSTN.
initiatedTimestampStringInitiated time of call leg
connectedTimestampStringTime when the call is connected
disconnectedTimestampStringTime when the call is disconnected
sourceStringSource number (CallerID) set for the call leg
sourceFormatStringThe value for Calls API will always be "MSISDN"
destinationStringDestination number set for the call leg
destinationFormatStringThe value for Calls API will always be "MSISDN"
sourceCountryCodeStringCountry code for the Source Number
destinationCountryCodeStringCountry code for the Destination Number
sourceRefIdStringFor INBOUND call legs this property shows the referenceId of the Virtual Number that has been called. For OUTBOUND calls the value is null
destinationRefIdStringFor OUTBOUND call legs this property shows the referenceId of the Virtual Number that is used as callerId. For INBOUND calls the value is null
callStatusStringCall status of the call leg. The values can be:
callDurationIntegerCall duration of the call leg.

Example of a JSON object sent to your "Voice Session Summary" endpoint:

  "payload": {
    "sessionId": "53e81dc4-6628-4b7a-acd3-0104868b8582",
    "subAccountId": "wavecell_voice",
    "sessionStatus": "COMPLETED",
    "startTime": "2023-06-14T04:38:19Z",
    "endTime": "2023-06-14T04:38:34Z",
    "lastAction": "PLAY_FILE|PLAY_TTS",
    "callCount": 1,
    "details": {
      "CallA": {
        "callId": "49b118e3-0a6d-11ee-85a4-d7edf1039068",
        "callDirection": "OUTBOUND",
        "callType": "PSTN",
        "initiatedTimestamp": "2023-06-14T04:38:19Z",
        "connectedTimestamp": "2023-06-14T04:38:28Z",
        "disconnectedTimestamp": "2023-06-14T04:38:34Z",
        "source": "+6568332000",
        "destination": "+6591178965",
        "sourceFormat": "MSISDN",
        "destinationFormat": "MSISDN",
        "sourceCountryCode": "SG",
        "destinationCountryCode": "SG",
        "callStatus": "COMPLETED",
        "callDuration": 6
  "namespace": "VOICE",
  "eventType": "SESSION_SUMMARY",
  "description": "Summary of a completed call session"

Session statuses

Here is the list of all possible session statuses:

CallA StatusCallB StatusStatusComment
COMPLETEDCOMPLETEDCOMPLETEDSuccessfully established call between two call parties
COMPLETEDNO ANSWERNO ANSWERThe called party did not answer the call
COMPLETEDBUSYBUSYThe called party’s phone was busy
COMPLETEDFAILEDFAILEDThe outbound call towards the called party’s phone number failed. Possible reasons include the number is switched off or not being reachable
COMPLETEDCANCELEDCANCELEDThe calling party disconnected the call before a “Status” for the outbound call leg was received. This can occur if a user disconnects before the ringing is completed or as soon as the caller hears an operator tone suggesting the phone number is invalid / switched off.
COMPLETEDNULLCOMPLETEDIndicates that the call flow did not have an outbound call leg. This can happen when the called phone number has been answered by a TTS prompt.


Your endpoint should respond with 200 OK status