Getting started with 8x8 IVR services

IVR or Interactive voice response service is an automated telephone system that combines pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech technology with a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interface to provide real-time user interaction over PSTN and a Virtual Number.

IVR is used for handling inbound calls to improve the customer experience by providing a self-service method for customers to access the information that they need without the assistance of customer support.

Actions(methods) that can be used on predefined IVR flow:

  • Say
  • Say&Capture
  • MakeCall
  • Hangup

Main Voice IVR features are:

  • 22 local languages available
  • User input support over DTMF
  • Call handle webhook
  • Dedicated local numbers
  • Billing per successful call
  • Detailed reports and statistics

IVR flow

On the diagram below a simple IVR flow diagram is shown:



Before you get started, please contact your account manager to ensure that your account has access to this product and that the following points have been managed:

  • You will need a new sub-account id to enable and set up 8x8's Number Masking service
  • In order to use our Inbound IVR product, you require a Virtual Number that will be allocated to your sub-account by our 8x8 team
  • You will need to set up and configure an endpoint where the call handles will be sent. You can use the Webhooks APIs to set up your endpoints. Once that is completed you are ready to use our IVR product and begin building your call flows.

If you haven't already done so, please visit the 8x8 website at to sign up.