Callflows API

The callflows API allows you to create custom call flows with specific actions carried out. As part of our programmable voice initiative, it supports popular voice use cases of IVR, voice messaging, inbound IVR and number masking.

A voice session can be started with a initial call-flow and then can be extended with subsequent dynamic call-flows.
A Callflow can be created using the /callflows API Endpoint. The API accepts a JSON array of action objects in the POST body. Once the Callflow is accepted, a corresponding voice session will be created and session and call updates will be dispatched using webhooks.

A Callflow can be comprised of one or more Callflow actions and there are certain processing rules for Callflows.

We currently support:

  • Say (Sending a voice message / text -to-speech)
  • SayAndCapture (Sending a voice message with the ability to capture DTMF)
  • PlayFile - To play an audio file during the call
  • makeCall - Creates an outbound voice call
  • Hangup - Disconnect an active call