Getting started with Verification API

The Verify API enables customers to implement 2FA (two-factor authentication) into their applications. It is often used to provide an extra layer of security for the user.

The most common use cases are:

  • Phone number verification - usually, during the user registration process, service will ask customers to insert the phone number. To verify the provided number, a PIN is generated and sent to that phone number. By entering the PIN back into the application, the user can verify the ownership of the phone number.
  • User Identity Confirmation - During the login process, after successfully entering username and password, the application sends out a PIN to the customer’s phone number.
  • Fraud Prevention - Track malicious login attempts on your applications.

This API offers two different ways of PIN delivery, that can be set up in the parameter of the Verify API:

  • SMS - PIN is sent in a text message to the end user’s phone
  • Voice - PIN is delivered in a phone call to the end user’s phone

The general workflow is shown in the following sequence diagram: