14 December 2021 Release

Release Highlights

New features

  • Breakout rooms support
  • New improved tile view layout
  • New display name UI

UX improvements

  • Improves notification timeouts and makes them configurable
  • Fix to avoid double permission prompts on Firefox after choosing non-default device
  • Allows hide/show toolbar on tap on mobile web
  • Adds keyboard shortcuts for Polls
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Advanced moderation improvements
  • Fixes slider appearance on Firefox
  • Hides indicator circle when ghost icon is hidden
  • Polls UI fixes on Firefox
  • Displays Poll creator and more polls UI improvements
  • Speaker stats fixes
  • Removes device notifications in the pre-join screen
  • Calculates avatar color based on display name
  • Adds support for special characters and emojis in avatar initials
  • Updates reaction sounds
  • Fixes recording already started error
  • Fix private message reply button not working
  • Responsive UI improvements in pre-join screen
  • Show raise hand status live in participants pane
  • Allows to stop shared video from the participants pane
  • Fix chat and polls title
  • Allow moderators to mute reaction sounds
  • Hides email field under profile settings

Quality improvements

  • Adds a config to allow enabling/disabling RTCStats on the server
  • Don't set the MAX over-send limit for non-scalable streams
  • Fixes error message when a recorder session already exists
  • Adds a limit for audio/video senders in a large conference (current limit is set to a 100 by default)
  • Large conferences performance improvements
  • Fixes a condition in which a participant can join when a videobridge is shutting down
  • Fixes an issue on Safari where black video is rendered sometimes whenever a new stream is attached to the large video container
  • RTX with Firefox from 96 on only - RTX in combination with simulcast on Firefox results in bad video quality, therefore we only enable it for version >= 96
  • Fixes a bug where remote audio is not being played out if the user joins audio and video muted from pre-join screen on Safari
  • E2EE fixes and improvements
  • Don't stop local screen-sharing on mute all
  • Always prioritize screen-sharing even in tile view
  • Enables XMPP MUC rate limit for lobby and breakout MUC components
  • Marks safari <14 as unsupported
  • Exposes supported mobile browsers


  • Adds recording download link available event
  • Keep URL params on iframe reload
  • Adds config to disable screen sharing as virtual background
  • Trigger events for poll created and answered
  • Adds config option to disable indicator popover
  • Adds support for dynamic branding
  • Adds externally managed key mode
  • Adds lobby auto-knock config
  • Add disableBeforeUnloadHandlers option
  • Allows disabling mode where video can be zoomed in the thumbnail
  • Improves recordingLinkAvailable to provide TTL info
  • Adds the possibility to hide extra join options' buttons
  • Adds the ability to hide self view (disableSelfView)


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5675.2385
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 595
  • Jicofo: 832


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