17 March 2023 Release

Release Highlights


  • Fixes occasional "no audio" issue in large meetings
  • Removes DTLS 1.0 support (require 1.2). All browsers support 1.2
  • Fixes "last N" not being filled in correctly in certain corner cases
  • Allows the proxied Colibri websocket to be disabled (and a direct videobridge address used)
  • Add an option to assume a given value for BWE. (#1997): Feature that might be useful when testing bandwidth or video quality related issues
  • Fixes an issue where the audio playback for a remote participant doesn't happen when the browser fires an error event on the audio element that the audio track is attached to
  • Try to re-establish bridge websocket connection when there are remote endpoints in the call (GitHub)
  • Fixes a screen sharing issue when a call moves from p2p to videobridge (after a 3rd participant joins) (GitHib)
  • Sets a bandwidth limit for the BOSH connection
  • Makes sure that pinned participants are part of selected sources and always forwarded even in low bandwidth conditions
  • Fixes encordings for p2p
  • Fixes pin/unpin when follow-me is enabled
  • Makes screen share bitrate configurable via config.js
  • Fixes local recording mic permission error handling

UX improvements

  • Audio / video device selectors redesign
  • Deep linking re-design
  • Polls re-design
  • Fixes always-on-top window to show participant avatar
  • Fixes a virtual background issue when dynamic branding is used
  • Shows a sticky notification for copying the recording link
  • Updates Dutch, German and Portugese translation
  • Context menu UI fixes
  • Virtual background dialog fixes
  • Participant count styling fixes
  • Do not show hangup menu for non-moderators
  • Fit the overflow menu on small heights
  • Fixes chat and breaks long text in multiple lines
  • Fixes sending forms after introduction of sandbox
  • Improves narrow screen layout
  • Chat redesign


  • Makes sure that that the knocking participant event is always fired
  • Unpin all participants when participant id is not provided
  • Аllows to disable lobby password & group lobby config flags
  • Adds custom buttons for participant menu and toolbar via config
  • Face-landmarks: set session id for webhook using a function


  • Updates gapi to use new google identity service
  • Allows a different set of dial-out destinations based on AppID


Release version

  • Release: 3958
  • Jitsi Meet: 7016
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.2-81-g99b20c62
  • Jicofo: 996


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