16 November 2021 Release

Release Highlights

UX improvements

  • Search participants added in the Participants list
  • "Performance settings" on the top bar replaces "Video quality"
  • Show participants context menu overlaid in a portal
  • Make pre-join avatar match the other avatars
  • Places dominant speaker first in the Participants list
  • Fixes filmstrip scrolling issue (disables default over-scrolling policy)
  • Polls UI improvements
  • New default colors for avatar backgrounds
  • New raise hand indicator background color
  • Pre-join screen alignment improvements
  • Sorting the raised hand participants in Participants list in the order they raised their hand
  • Removes participant left from raised hand queue
  • Drawer component improvement
  • Hides/Shows toolbar on tap on mobile web

Quality improvements

  • Fixes screen sharing not shown for some participants (https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/commit/cee62a61b45e56c4d0adc61beb2b78091ec30684)
  • Fixes delay in pre-join screen when joining a conference (especially visible in large conferences)
  • Performance optimizations for large calls
  • Fixes a bug in Safari where remote audio is not being played out if the user joins audio and video muted from pre-join screen
  • Fixes an issue on Safari where black video is rendered sometimes
  • Fixes an issue with recorders showing "All recorders are busy" even after recording has started


  • Exposes Advanced Moderation to the iFrame API
  • Gets brandingDataUrl & dynamicBrandingUrl directly from the config
  • Adds config for enabling disabling VP9
  • Exposes knocking event and approve/reject command
  • Adds config to disable screen sharing as virtual background
  • Adds recording download link available event


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5478
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 575
  • Jicofo: 814


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