6 March 2024 Release

Release Highlights


  • Transcriptions and Recording UI/UX improvements
  • Pre-join dropdown re-styling
  • Prevents toolbox shift up on stage view
  • Uses audio files based on locale
  • Fixes share icon/lobby mode switch
  • Fixes drawer menu not scrollable on FF
  • Improves search input fields accessibility
  • Updates the French, German, Icelandic, Latvian and Portugese and Russian translations


  • Removes support for plan-b SDP format for Chromium endpoints which makes multi-stream the only mode supported
  • Fixes a compatibility issue with Firefox Nightly
  • Fixes media issues with Firefox 122 in peer-to-peer calls with Chrome
  • Fixes low resolution received from Safari endpoints
  • Improves video quality for 1080p and 4K camera streams
  • Track creation improvements
  • Adds support for creating non-standard tracks
  • Adds additional checks for creating tracks via media stream
  • Simplifies options to create tracks
  • Fixes no video issue on older mobile endpoints when there is a transcriber in the call
  • Fixes a quality issue on older versions of Chromium that do not support the scalabilityMode API


  • Extends captureLargeVideoScreenshot for screenshare 
  • Transcriptions API improvements
    • Extends the IFrame API to allow adding a transcriber in the room without the subtitles needing to be visible
    • Allows transcription chunk messages to be passed through the IFrame API if a transcriber is present
    • Adds an option to skip interim transcriptions
    • Adds transcribingStatusChanged event
  • Removes enableLipSync config, which is not supported anymore
  • Adds "disableVirtualBackground" config

Client version update 4771 (Mar 25, 2024)

  • Fixes an issue with camera and microphone not turning on when a visitor is promoted to a participant


Release version

  • Release: 4871
  • Jitsi Meet: 7790
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.3-74-ga015be96
  • Jicofo: 1067


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