14 October 2021 Release

Release Highlights

UX improvements

  • Makes share video placeholder translatable
  • Advanced moderation UI improvements
  • Scrolls to the top when opening feedback dialog
  • Disables volume slider on iOS web since feature is not available
  • Disables scroll bar on chat input
  • Keeps subject centered when chat panel is open
  • Fixes edge case in which the toolbar was always visible
  • Stops screensharing and video on moderation starts - When video moderation starts, stop screensharing and ignore if video was on when sharing started
  • Hides moderator label on disasbleModeratorIndicator
  • On disasbleModeratorIndicator config hide moderator label from participants pane
  • Adds "Ask to Unmute button" to mobile web
  • Fixes video rooms not being displayed in invite search
  • Fixes Lobby join after entering a wrong password
  • Fixes 'undefined' text shown on More numbers page (dial-in numbers page)
  • Various Advanced moderation improvements
  • Meeting moderators can ask anyone to unmute, when muted
  • Dominant speakers appear first in the participants list
  • Fix participant context menu not being visible under certain conditions

Quality improvements

  • Fixes screen sharing not shown for some participants (https://github.com/jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet/commit/cee62a61b45e56c4d0adc61beb2b78091ec30684)
  • Fixes delay in pre-join screen when joining a conference (especially visible in large conferences)
  • Performance optimizations for large calls
  • Fixes a bug in Safari where remote audio is not being played out if the user joins audio and video muted from pre-join screen
  • Fixes an issue on Safari where black video is rendered sometimes
  • Fixes an issue with recorders showing "All recorders are busy" even after recording has started**
  • Fixes issues around source changes (changing devices, muting/unmuting or switching to screenshare) not working when a user hits join fast on the pre-join screen
  • Fixes a case where a participant could click Join too quickly, enter the meeting and not be able to unmute their audio and video
  • Fixes an issue on mobile Safari when audio is lost after the user opens the device selection menu
  • Disables e2ee when we have a large number of participants
  • Fixes an issue where Safari users cannot hear remote audio if they join audio/video muted
  • Firefox bandwidth estimation improvements
  • Fixes "flickering" issues between video and avatar in low bandwidth networks


  • Adds branding option for virtual backgrounds
  • Fixes pre-join throwing a TypeError due to late config initialization
  • Adds data-channel-open event - Signals that the bridge channel is open. It may take a few ms to get established after the conference join, so applications might be interested in using it once ready.
  • Adds config option to make display name readonly
  • Provides an Audio Video moderation iFrame API
  • Improves the reading of the config option of branding URL


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5415
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 570
  • Jicofo: 813


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