24 March 2022 Release

Release Highlights

UX improvements

  • Resizable filmstrip in stage view allowing to see the rest of the participants in a tile view layout
  • Tile view thumbnail space optimizations allowing to use available space more efficiently
  • Remove tile view reordering in small meetings
  • Lobby chat support. Lobby messages from / to moderators.
  • Allows desktop sharing in audio-only mode on the web and disables audio-only mode when the user switches to screen share
  • Speaker stats UI improvements
  • Makes lobby notifications transient
  • Enables polls for breakout rooms by default
  • Improve pre-meeting responsiveness for screens less than 1000px
  • Improves recording dialog UI
  • Improves pre-join screen layout in a reduced height window
  • Updates Arabic, French, German, Portuguese and Swedish translations
  • Fixes participant volume indicator to show the correct value after setting volume to 0
  • Fixes a welcome page bug in a large call setting when the maximum number of participants is reached
  • Fixes scroll for video devices
  • Fixes MAX height for context menus
  • Fixes quality dialog opening in audio-only mode
  • Fixes private messages in breakout rooms
  • Fixes break out room close before remove
  • Fixes dynamic branding permissions screen not accounting for custom backgrounds

Quality improvements

  • Improves performance for large meetings
  • Improves token verification time
  • Fixes incorrect packet loss stats shown in participants stats UI
  • Fixes an issue where if the user joins the call and mutes themselves before others join then unmuting later doesn’t work. Firefox and Safari users affected
  • Fixes a bug where camera unmute doesn't work after screen sharing in p2p
  • Fixes an issue where audio is lost after a call switches from p2p to jvb


  • Adds support for Jigasi/dial-in as a service
  • Adds a hidden moderator option with "hidden-from-recorder" property
  • Exposes a config for breakout rooms
  • Adds "lang" API config
  • Adds an "autoHideWhileChatIsOpen" option allowing to hide the chat when the toolbar is open
  • Adds remote thumbnail menu configs allowing to disable the menu and hide the private chat options
  • Adds missing notify.hostAskedUnmute


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5960
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1-642-gcb298254
  • Jicofo: 867


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