20 January 2022 Release

Release Highlights

UX improvements

  • Video thumbnails redesign
  • Raise hand redesign
  • Conference title bar redesign
  • Overflow-menu - pin reactions on menu bottom on mobile web, fixes scrolling
  • Speaker-stats - prevent search from closing when enter pressed and from keeping previous state
  • Avatar - fixes initials when avatar contains multiple special characters
  • Fix to respects disable reactions moderation flag for popups
  • Uses default remote display name in speaker stats when one is missing
  • Updates for Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic, Russian, French, Polish, Occitan Persian and German translations
  • Adds ephemeral chat notifications with user settings support
  • Fixes polls usage in breakout rooms
  • Allow participant search in breakout rooms
  • Fixes handling of long strings in the conference info dialog
  • Fixes search value clear when closing the participants panel
  • Changes poll notifications to medium timeout
  • Participants-pane - hides "Admit all" if knocking part < 2
  • New fixed context menus for thumbnails
  • Hides volume meter when audio levels are disabled
  • Hides the filmstrip toggle in recordings
  • Participants pane - separates participants into collapsible lists
  • Fixes raise hand behaviour with regard to breakout rooms
  • Virtual backgrounds - prevent buttons repositioning on click action
  • Hides email field under profile settings


  • Allow label rewrite via advanced branding
  • Adds option to disable reaction moderation
  • Pre-join screen - allow changing 'Enable pre meeting screen' option while pre-join screen visible
  • Adds local subject config
  • Adds flag to hide the participant display name
  • Adds possibility to allow execution of the button's routine besides triggering toolbarButtonClicked API event
  • Fixes startWithAudioMuted when quickly moving away from pre-join screen
  • Fixes disableSelfView overwrite
  • Fixes JaaS logs settings error


  • Prosody security update
  • CORS mode support for avatars


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5764
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1.607-g153f7e4e
  • Jicofo: 840


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