14 December 2023 Release

Release Highlights

  • Fixes audio output device selection in Firefox for an iFrame client
  • Fixes BWE issues on Firefox 115 ESR
  • Fixes Salesforce integration notification duration
  • Updates Brazilian, Latvian, Portugese and Spanish translation
  • Fixes double click issue with context menu when it is closed with ESC key
  • Fixes country name translation in "More numbers" page
  • Makes favicon visible in dark-themed browsers
  • Updates join room events that can affect analytics and reporting for lib-jitsi-meet users
  • Extends IFrame API to allow adding a transcriber in the room without the subtitles needing to be visible
  • Allows transcription chunk messages to be passed through the IFrame API if a transcriber is present
  • Cleans-up transcription messages sent through the IFrame API to not include timeout field and possible conflicting states (stable / unstable /final)
  • Extends captureLargeVideoScreenshot to allow screen share capture


Release version

  • Release: 4620
  • Jitsi Meet: 7693
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.3-59-g5c48e421
  • Jicofo: 1055


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