2 April 2024 Release

Release Highlights


  • Adds a Whiteboard feature
  • Adds the conference duration timer in the observer/visitor view in a large call
  • Adds the ability to switch participants to observers/visitors
  • Optimizing calculations of available buttons set in toolbar
  • Enables the following new buttons/features for observers/visitors: full screen, speaker stats, video quality


  • Fixes a rare race condition that could cause a user join failure
  • Fixes an issue with delayed audio in some cases
  • Fixes an issue with recording link being generated with a wrong region in some cases
  • Performance optimization when approving multiple participants from lobby
  • Fixes an issue when p2p connection with Firefox version 123 fails in some cases
  • Fixes an issue with stopping the screen share on Safari browser
  • Improves rate limiting mechanisms


  • Fixes an issue with creating a duplicate entries for custom buttons in config
  • Exposes the meeting session via the API

Client version update Apr 17, 2024

  • Fixes an edge case where the large video is showing an avatar
  • Adds camera and mic configs allowing force mute/unmute in visitor/observer promotion flow

Client version update May 2, 2024

  • Adds guardrails for visitors/observers to join a meeting before an active participant


Release version

  • Release: 4953
  • Jitsi Meet: 7874
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.3-92-g64f9f34f
  • Jicofo: 1075


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