27 August 2021 Release

Release Highlights


  • Do not show red/yellow GSM bars on during initial ramp-up
  • Fixes recording for public access
  • Normalizes the tenant part of the URL
  • Fixes virtual background UI for small screens
  • Prevents start recording when no dropbox token
  • Fixes a rare crash after pre-join
  • Removes legacy APIs for E2EE
  • Allow scroll on drawer menu items
  • Fixes dot shown left of the logo


  • Removes IFrame billing counter callbacks
  • Adds custom avatar backgrounds
  • Adds ability to control sounds
  • Persist audio output device


  • Further client and server side performance optimizations for large calls
  • Adds a limit to screen sharing over-sending
  • Disables over-sending for active speaker video in order to preserve audio quality


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5216
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1-538-g062e9f56
  • Jicofo: 786


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