9 September 2022 Release


UX improvements

  • Enables gif support through Giphy integration
  • Adds screenshot capture in multi stream mode
  • Updates Arabic, Polish, Portuguese and Ukrainian translation
  • Updates the local stats to match remote for 'connected to' connection info
  • Breakout rooms UI improvements
  • Virtual backgrounds performance optimizations
  • Add conference name to the pre-meeting screen
  • New chat scroll-to-bottom behavior
  • Adds support for showing Always on Top on pre-join
  • VP9 screen sharing quality improvements. Find out more here

Quality improvements

  • Fixes an issue where screen share appears on the thumbnail but not on the large-video
  • Noise suppression muted state fix and updated icon
  • Fixes an audio issue for participants who have joined after A/V moderation was enabled and then disabled
  • Fixes participant count in multi stream mode
  • Fixes not being able to type password in lobby
  • Fixes potential race condition when enabling/disabling E2EE
  • Fixes an issue where the bitrates for screen share were much higher than before for VP9 causing the JVB to suspend SS streams more often
  • Fixes polls UI
  • Fixes 'hideStorageWarning' config
  • Noise suppression - removes no track warning on share audio flow
  • Fixes remote-control when multi-stream is enabled
  • Stop audio-only sharing when user stops share from the browser's share in progress window
  • Fixes setting "More" tab not showing in certain cases
  • Dropbox recording - fix signing out when switching recording providers
  • Fixes face landmarks - do not perform stop recognition if it is not active
  • Fixes rare cases of conference names unable to be reused


  • Adds command to show custom in-meeting notifications
  • Adds a notification to indicate that the audio or video is being shared by a participant
  • Whitelists recordingService config
  • Adds configs to customize streaming dialog
  • Adds the ability to set the leave reason and distinguish between the main room and a breakout room
  • Fixеs API toggleShareScreen in multi-stream mode
  • Adds toggle noise-suppression API
  • Adds leave reasons on switching room and when errors occur
  • Fixes the number of participants in a meeting

Client side additional fixes and improvements released on 21 September 2022

  • Fix notify audio muted/audio available
  • Add email to local participant info
  • Apply fixes for screen sharing issues when call switches back and forth between p2p and jvb
  • This fixes an issue where mute camera operation doesn't stop sending camera stream even though locally it appears to the user that they are muted
  • Allows defaultLogoUrl to be overwritten
  • Whitelists peopleSearchUrl


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 6516
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.2-37-g24b168e5
  • Jicofo: 915


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