22 June 2021 Release

Release Highlights

UX improvements

  • Responsive Virtual Backgrounds preview dialog
  • Fixes around the new Participants panel
  • Adds hover state for "Don't show screen" button
  • Fixes notifications for phone invites
  • Fixes displaying mute everyone buttons for non-moderators
  • Fixes chat focus
  • Avoid URL blipping on invite dialog
  • Fixes playing muted youtube video


  • Disables help and download apps buttons for JaaS
  • Adds config option to overwrite invite subject app name
  • Allows SIP invites to contain phone numbers
  • Allows always hiding remote videos for 1-1 calls
  • Allows filmstrip autohide to be configurable
  • Exposes event for mouse movements inside the iframe


  • Signalling optimizations
  • Fixes handling tenant in util and lobby
  • Fixes tokens with uppercase letters
  • Adds retries for when play track fails - attempt to fix issue where people loose audio during the call
  • Fixes audio and screenshare issues occurring when using shared youtube video
  • Fixes a screenshare quality issue when H.264 codec is used
  • Fixes a known Firefox bug where BWE goes down on renegotiations

Server side

  • Fixes a rare crash that could occur with our videobridge
  • In very-low-bandwidth scenarios without a screenshare, we will now go down to sending zero videos (i.e. we won't oversend a video, only a screenshare)
  • Some updates to dependencies that had security issues, but none of the issues were known to affect us, this was just acting on the dependencybot warnings


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5054
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1-508-gb24f756c
  • Jicofo: 756


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