24 February 2022 Release

Release Highlights

UX improvements

  • Filmstrip improvements
  • Updates Dutch, French, Japanese, Occitan and Spanish translations
  • Fixes overflow-menu: hides "more moderation controls" option if moderator settings tab is disabled
  • Removes Youtube reference where not accurate in translations
  • Adds validation to shared video URLs
  • Lowers raised hand by local audio level changes when participant is dominant speaker.
  • Improves lobby notifications
  • Hides Advanced moderation, Ask to Unmute and Grant Moderator when the local participant is a moderator and is in a breakout room
  • Fixes video-quality-label to open dialog also in audio-only mode


  • Adds ability to hide dominant speaker badge.
  • Adds a startShareVideo command
  • Deprecates startScreenSharing config option for web browsers - This is no longer supported as per the w3c spec for getDisplayMedia
  • Adds hidden-from-recorder token parameter allowing to exclude a (moderator) participant from a recording or live streaming


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5852
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1-620-g93f4d88c
  • Jicofo: 854


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