Managing a self-hosted Jitsi Meet instance might come with few challenges when it comes to scaling and maintaining your instances. While Jitsi Videobridge and Jitsi Meet might be core functionality of your business, which let you have conferences on the internet, other features such as telephony (allowing dialling in of traditional phones into a meeting) you would prefer to be externalised and running in cloud, but still connected to your own Jitsi instance.

We help you focus entirely on your core business features and provide you with parts of the Jitsi conferencing solution “as a service”.

Telephony as a service is our first Jitsi Meet component offered as a service, which allows your self-hosted Jitsi to connect to a cloud Jigasi and offer dial-in capabilities to your customers without the need of hosting and managing the entire telephony infrastructure (the Jigasi instance). Check out more details here on how to connect your self-hosted Jitsi Meet installation to the 8x8 public cloud telephone network.