Embedding the Jitsi Meet API (Jitsi iFrame API) into your site or app enables you to host and provide secure video meetings with your colleagues, teams, and stakeholders. The Meet API provides a full complement of comprehensive meeting features.

Your meetings can be hosted and attended using any device while keeping your data and privacy protected. You can reach your meeting participants anywhere in the world eliminating the need for travel and the associated inconvenience.

The IFrame API enables you to embed JaaS Meeting functionality into your meeting application so you can experience the full functionality of the globally distributed and highly available deployment available with 8x8.vc

You can also embed and integrate the globally distributed and highly available deployment on the 8x8.vc platform itself.

For the original Jitsi iFrame API documentation please refer to IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook. Please note that JaaS uses the deployment on 8x8.vc domain, and not under meet.jit.si.