Configuring the invite link

The in-meeting controls offer your meeting users the option to invite participants into the same session.

To implement a functional invite flow, perform the following steps:

  1. Configure the base URL of the meeting invite link (e.g. in the Customise your meeting invite URL Branding section.

  2. Define an alias name for your meeting room in your IFrame instantiation code.

The alias must be a single-level (no slash) string composed of legitimate, safe URL characters. (You can make it identical to the meeting room name as well). This definition is described in the iFrame documentation as the brandingRoomAlias property. An example code block is as follows:

  configOverwrite: {
       brandingRoomAlias: 'anInterestingMeeting'

The preceding steps result in the meeting Invite more people dialog which generates an invite link comprised of the base/alias pair(e.g. for the values used above)

  1. In your integrating application implement the logic that maps the resulting invite link (base/alias) to your application and handles the users that land on it.
    By doing this the integrating application is in control of who is allowed to join a meeting by authorizing any user (including guests) and then generating a valid JWT.