23 September 2021 Release

Release Highlights

New Features

  • Advanced moderation allowing moderator to restrict audio and video access for any number of participants
  • Adds ability to send reactions
  • Adds ability to create polls
  • Reorders the visible participants in the filmstrip in alphabetical order

Quality improvements

  • Fixes the position for horizontal filmstrip view
  • Fixes an error Cannot convert undefined or null to object on load
  • Fixes shared video links not being trimmed
  • Fixes alphabetical sort in participant list
  • Displays green mic icon only for the active speaker
  • Fixes participants pane button toggle state
  • E2EE UI fixes
  • Fixes recording start notification not disappearing
  • Scrolls to the top when opening feedback dialog
  • Don't show volume slider on iOS web


  • Adds callStatsConfigParams config
  • Adds connection indicators flags
  • Adds configuration to disable removing raised hand on dominant speaker
  • Adds configuration to disable chat emoticons
  • Adds additional setting to order participants in speaker stats
  • Adds command to set participant volume
  • Makes conference info header configurable
  • Exposes event used for sending browser support
  • Do not show overwritten unsupported browser page for JaaS users


  • Works around an edge case where browser bandwidth estimations get stuck. This could lead to a lot of ghosts appearing for some users
  • Fixes screen sharing not appearing for certain users in a multi-regional conference
  • Fixes flickering from avatar to video reported from some users when their bandwidth goes down for a short period
  • Large conference signalling optimizations
  • Fixes bandwidth estimation on Firefox
  • Fixes audio / video delay


Release version

  • Jitsi Meet: 5322
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.1-555-g692f270f
  • Jicofo: 798


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