20 November 2023 Release

Release Highlights


  • Improves accessibility in breakout rooms list, welcome page and more
  • Inherit moderator capabilities when granted moderator rights
  • Fixes timer handling in breakout rooms
  • Fixes toggled state for screen sharing button appearance
  • Fixes feedback not showing in certain cases due to CallStats being disabled
  • Fixes a placeholder not replaced in an input notification
  • Updates the German, Portuguese, Taiwan and Turkish translations


  • Fixes the resolution in certain cases on mobile web
  • Fixes an issue with MS teams virtual audio device interfering with selected meeting audio device
  • Fixes an issue where a live streaming is started for a second time in a meeting with lobby turned on
  • Device handling improvements
  • Analytics stats improvements
  • Improved logging around audio track states
  • Improved signalling server logging
  • Screenshots performance improvements
  • Fixes an issue where screen share from Firefox appears blurry on other endpoints in the call
  • Large meetings improvements
  • Browser detection improvements
  • Updates the optimal browser support list
  • Workaround a Chromium issue with end-to-end latency regression in combination with 0Hz and desktop screen sharing (Chromium issue: #15539)
  • Fixes rare race condition on joining a room that is being cleared at the same moment
  • Improves reload experience (enable re-connect without page reload)


  • Adds ability to prefer BOSH over WebSocket
  • Adds config for initial camera facing mode (front or rear)
  • Adds event with transcription chunks


Release version

  • Release: 4546
  • Jitsi Meet: 7629
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.3-59-g5c48e421
  • Jicofo: 1055


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Minor Update, Dec 5, 2023

  • Fixes getCurrentDevices() in the case a new device is selected and then a call is restarted
  • Fixes a rare issue when starting the conference with video muted
  • Fixes login UI in settings