30 May 2024 Release

Release Highlights


  • Updates German, Latvian, Portugese, Russian and Viatnameese translations
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Improves UI for visitors who enter a conference before the host
  • Small chat UI improvements
  • Small fixes in polls UI


  • Fixes an issue with video freezing after video mute and unmute when the user joins the call with startSilent=true
  • Fixes a case where participant is not entering lobby when trying the second time after being rejected
  • Fixes camera selection failures when resolution constraints are not met
  • Improves handling of edge cases in authentication retry logic


  • Adds AV1 to the list of available codecs. Use codecPreferenceOrder to set it as your preferred codec
  • Fixes an issue with “Add Password” button not working when it wasn’t listed in buttonsWithNotifyClick


Release version

  • Release: 5082
  • Jitsi Meet: 7952
  • Jitsi Videobridge: 2.3-105-ge155b81e
  • Jicofo: 1078


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